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i went to the local Half-Price Books to dig for cheap graphic novels and came across (among other things) a book called PowerMark. i copped the PowerMark Series One TPB, which encapsulates issues 1-12 for $5 (the regular price is $9.95). Within the context of a futuristic adventure comic, PowerMark is a christian comic, so if you're one of those people that hates christians, pass on it!

that said, the book has the personality of classic sci-fi adventure shows like Land of the Lost, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, etc. it is action-packed, but the package is good for young children. like the comics from my youth, it uses big words and ideas in context, which will encourage kids to figure them out.
Another thing i really appreciate is the multi-cultural cast, starting with the alpha-male Mark, from Singapore. it has the feeling of shows like Bionic Six or the 80's X-men.
i haven't read the whole thing yet, so i can't speak to the overall quality of the book yet, but i certainly applaud the spirit of it so far. feel free to check them out at

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