Shadow Rock and Rolla!

the creators of Chocolate Thunder, Fierce and Blind Monkey Style dropped something strictly for the kids! Jeremy and Robert Love have gone all Goosebumps on us with the kids' action-ghost story comic Shadow Rock. Murder, ghosts and mystery take the center stage in this full-color 80 page original graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics.

After his mom's death, young Tim London moves from the hood to the small fishing town of Shadow Rock to live with pops. His new home is up the hill from a legendary haunted lighthouse where Timothy discovers the ghost of Kendahl Fog, a little boy who died under mysterious circumstances. Timothy and his new ghostly companion set out to solve the mystery of Kendahl's death. and of course there is a cute girl... gotta have a cute girl who can help Tim adjust to his new surroundings, find clues, and brighten the scenery! the story and art, crafted to appeal to kids, also held my attention too. so cop this joint for self, or for a friend, young or old! New and used copies available mad cheap in the gM store!

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