Power Pack takes it Back!

Power Pack rocked hard in 2008 taking adventures with Iron Man, Spiderman, Avengers, the Hulk and more... now they are running around with Wolverine! Marc Sumerak and Gurihuri are crafting a fun, fabulous tale that entertains kids and adults alike starring the world's foremost kid superteam!

Jack Power and Franklin Richards take a wild trip through the time-stream and end up face-to-face with a pre-teen Wolverine! But since young James Howlett is nothing at all like the hero he is destined to one day become, it'll be up to our time-tossed troublemakers to teach the once-and-future-Wolvie how to kick some butt!
peep preview pages below!

Wolverine/Power Pack is in stores now. For more Power Pack, go here!

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